Happiness, how I see it

I use to have this idea that you are either eternaly happy or eternaly unhappy, I want to say that society has taught us that that you either live in misery the rest of your life or you find your “prince charming” and you live happily ever after (I’m not saying society says that but still… and you can have your “prince charming” or “princess” weither your sexual orientation), I’ve seen a lot of films that have an ending like that and now children and people see these movies and after they think that’s how life is suppose to work I was one of those people, but it’s not.


I think happiness is a collection of different moments where you have been filled up with this warmth, joy, happiness, it might be a different emotion for all of us (I think) but don’t forget that there will be moments where you are unhappy, sad, down, angry etc. And I believe everything has it’s time, let me explain : you need a balance; sometimes you’ll be happy, sometimes unhappy and sometimes it’s a bit’o’both. Feeling unhappy (or an emotion you don’t like)  is horrible, but give it time, I believe that you will feel unhappy but a little while later (or a long while later) you’ll feel better, maybe not the best you’ve been but better, everything is temporary. If you try really hard to always be happy, it’s good but it’s too much work, at one point you’re just so tired ! Exept it, let it fill you and then let the emotion leave you, it’s like anger; you can feel it and let it in for a little while but don’t let it settle in otherwise it’ll eat you up and take over your body, actions, reactons and you may be sometimes not even recognise yourself but it’s okay, we all go thrue it. Basically, I think everything is temporary, even emotions weather you like it or not, don’t try to fight it but don’t let it control you, stay balanced.

For you happiness may be talking to your cat at night or giggling with your friend in class or even wearing your favorite slippers when you get home, happiness may be one thing but don’t limit yourself, personnally all these things make me happy, happiness is something you build (like a collection ;D) happiness comes from within (finishing up with something quite cheesy (;).

A tiny part of my collection of things that make me happy.

Amelie oxo

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