Voila !

So this year I’m going to England with my family wich is very exiting but I’m also the sort of person who always has quite high expections and I usually get desapointed. It’s hard to tell my brain that it’s not specificly going to be “the best night/day of my life” because it’s that particular event or date or even that last year it was a great day so of course this year will be the same. No. People, feelings, opinions can change weither I like it or not and I can’t control other people’s feelings or opinions, but what I can start working on is my own feelings and opinions. Since the beginnning of this year a lot of things have changed for me and most of these things make me unhappy to think about.

I’ve realised a lot of things and I keep telling myself that I’m a certain person because I do these things and have stereotypes of that person when I  don’t. I’ve recently realised that I really like painting and just thinking about it makes me feel some exitement but I’ve also quit my drama club because I want to focus on my grades wich is true but I think I’m also terrified, my mum told me I could do drama sessions and I alway say “Yeah, maybe, I’ll think about it” and never end up doing them because I’m scared. I’m in that state but I know it’ll be ok 🙂

Voila ! Some thoughts of mine.

Merry Christmas 😉

Amelie oxo

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