I love films, everything about them is so interesting and exiting. And it’s not just visuals, it’s the dialogue, the story, the plot twist (I don’t mean every movie) or even the music, when it all comes together it is just amazing ! I have been loving a few movies lately and not necesserily new ones but also some rather old ones, basically I recommend all of the ones I’m going to talk about :


Current favorite film of all time, it’s a french comedy/drama/thriller directed and written by Luc Besson it is about a man who blackmails a women, oh and he also lives in the Paris Metro systeme. I won’t say anymore and let you discover for yourself.


Another one by Luc Besson (his films are just great) this one is about a women who becomes a spy, again, letting you discover for yourself. For this one I wouldn’t recommend any other siblings or friends under 12 because it is pretty violent, Subway is okay but this one is just so super violent !

Leon : the Professional

Mathilda, a 12-year-old girl, is reluctantly taken in by Léon, a professional assassin, after her family is murdered. This one is also pretty violent but it is still pretty great, the story and characters are just so original, I personally loved and still love Gary Oldman’s performance ; he is just so creepy but spot on !

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush. Okay, first of all this film is so hilarious so I definitly recommend this film.


A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early. Hey, I didn’t say I liked every films on this list, for one thing ; the special effects are incredible even though I feel like something is missing.


I just watched this movie and I am BLOWN AWAY ! I don’t understand every single thing about it but that is the beauty of it. We might all have different opinions about it and I’m trying to find reasons “why ?” I love it but I can’t witch is incredible !

Amelie oxo


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