Dear me,

Are you okay ? I’m making this letter after listening to a messyhead podcast and decided to write to myself. So…a lot of shit happened right ? Yep. But you know what ? The best thing is to get back up and not get beat up by the tough moment because you are a strong little human.

Another thing you’re working on is to stop procrastinating and don’t worry you’re making progress so please stop beating yourself up because at the end of the day it’s fineand you’re making progress. I know you are confused, so very confused about friendshipsbut it’ll be okay because everyone’s a mess. It’s also good to feel good but don’t force yourself to always feel happy, you can still manage your other feelings (anger, sadness, desapointment, guilt…) but you still need to feel them, don’t suppress. I know *person who I won’t mension the name* is stressed and that feeling gets back to you but it will pass and I bet your siblings feel it too. Please love yourself, you deserve it, we all do. I know it’s Easter but don’t oversnack…don’t snack at all but it’s okay to feel stressed 🙂 It’s okay to feel nostalgis and melancolic, watever it is you feel. it. is. okay. 🙂

Amelie oxo

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