Peek through my notebooks

By Amelie Hussey

I’ve been wanted to write this blogpost for quite a while amd to be honest I don’t know what has been putting me off, lazyness ? Lazyness.

So I liked (I still do) journaling or even writing in a notebook, I have quite a lot of notebooks and diaries so these are just three from the past year. Looking at these really nostalgic because they remind me of how I felt and wrote or even drew at that time :’)


The little white notebook is from click here to find it (even though I don’t think it’s still available), the kind of stripe print one is from Ikea and that too, isn’t available but if you want  to find some notebooks click here & the last one is also from click here to find it.

January 2017 doodles

wp_20170525_13_38_08_pro_li.jpg   wp_20170525_13_38_01_pro_li.jpg

I tried planning my week and….failed 😀
I feel like a cool artist 🙂
If you can’t amaze them with your intelligence, baffle them with your bullshit I think I like Star Wars ;D
Another sort of attempt to bullet jouranl/planning
I was imagining myself looking at paintings before going to Paris 🙂

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