A sea of thoughts

24 June 2017 // 09:02 am

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By Amélie

Everything kind of feels surreal somehow for some reason ! I’m happy because at least I got to sleep a little more than usual today. Right now I just want to watch videos but someone turned the Wi-Fi off wich is a good thing to do but it’s also a little frustrating. Tomorrow I think I’m going to Normandy, I’m madly excited to see the sea 🌊 but I probably won’t see it for another half week. I will still see it though { so  exiiiiiiiiiiited! }. It’s crazy to think that my school year is finished (that’s what I meant when I said things felt surreal), I’ve been waiting so long for this whereas now it’s like it came too quickly.
My summer started off really really hot ! By the way it still is but that’s okay, also lately what has been baffling me is how there are zero clouds, it’s like a big sea of blue AND IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL ! I can also hear planes and that reminds off when I was little and would go and see the planes with my Dad, at that time it was usually very hot { yes I remember 😂 }. And that sky just reminded me of the sea and I LUUUUVE the sea!

Now in Normandy & I shall hopefully keep you updated and write about it.

That’s all folks ! 😉


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