9 things to do

I know this might be a little late because it’s nearly the end of summer but I still hope this can give you ideas of what you can do these precious last few days of the hot weather. 🌵

to read

1. Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury :

I thought this book would be really boring and written in old English (clearly didn’t do my research) but it turns out it’s really entertaining ! I really wasn’t expecting some things from this and that’s why I think it’s great !

2. Mosquitoland by David Arnold :

I’ll be honest, I haven’t finished it but so far I’m really enjoying it. I really love the main character, I think she’s hilarious so I think you should definitely give it a read.

3. Any book by Eric-Emmanuelle Schmitt :

His books are super easy to read and his stories are so imaginative and unexpected but still set in the real world and that’s why I love them.

to watch

  1. King Arthur : Legend of the sword:

I don’t think we needed another king Arthur film and this film is the same story but I had never seen any like this. I love how it was filmed and put together + the humour was quite good so go see it.

2. Valerian :

I felt so happy after watching this in the cinema, the CGI is breathtaking. It’s amazing, go see it for yourself.

3. Baby Driver :

I fucking love this film. It’s just so good ; the music, the actions scenes, the characters, aaaaah so good (after watching the movie, listen to the playlist/soundtrack, it’s create !)

to listen

  1. I feel everything by Cara Delevingne
  2. A kind of magic by Queen
  3. In the middle by Dodie


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