Before going to the cinema, I stretched for 10 minutes, danced a little & then had a shower. I then put my pink floaty dress on, tied my hair up and Vans with untied laces. Mum was a little late but we did arrive at the cinema in time, as usual, there were 8 people in the room  (including us) but when the film started, I was intriged. When the film finished, I was amazed.

goodnight world, tomorow  I’ll be busy

very late wednesday night

I did something stupid tonight, and I’m super tired. I didn’t feel good so I ran, to be honest. I don’t know if I actually feel any better but it’s okay…

Who knows what I’ll be doing tomorow, “SUMMERS ARE GETTING SHORTER” well said Charlie Brown ! My window is wide open and the mosqitos might come in but I’m hot and I need cold air. I’ll be reading now, & probably playing with my rubik’s cube. I’m so tired…so tired….

thursday morning

I feel good this morning, I have things to do today but I don’t feel too much dread, wait…I don’t feel dread. I’m not sure what time it is because I haven’t grabbed my phone yet, all I did was put some shorts and a jumper on. It’s a little odd because I’m not particularly hungry this morning. All you need is a gooooood sleeeep.

friday 10:39 pm

I procrastinated today and at 8 o’clock, I went to Mum’s house to finish cleaning the utility room.

saturday morning

All my social media has been checked but my breakfast is still waiting for me, alternating between cereals and writting is hard !

monday 00:08

I’ve been saving room pics om Instagram to get inspired for my future bedroom. It’s prettty late and I have things to do tomorow & I’m going to Angouleme (I need to do a “to do list” (how ironic)) See ya ! 😀


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