Independent films ?

I’m really not sure if you call them “independent films” but we’ll just say that. I’m really interested in films and since I watch a lot of youtube, I’m quite happy to follow youtubers who aspire to be in the film industry and I’m really happy to watch their short films. So here are a few short films I found on YouTube and that I’ve enjoyed.

  • Anhedonia by Ewan Macintosh

I really like the story and it was really nice to watch, I love how it was filmed. The setups/ where it was filmed are really pretty.

  • Rubix by Ewan Macintosh

This film is kinda creepy, in a way and again, I thought it was really well filmed.

  • Perception by Michael. J Murphy

God, I really love this story, I feel like it’s really interesting and I really like the twists and turns of this story. But let’s talk about the acting, honestly I really feel like the actors did a really good job.

  • Float by Michael. J Murphy

I dunno I just liked it

  • Let it be by Bertie Gilbert [channel with the same name]

This film really tugged at my heartstrings, and the story is so unexpected and original. I also think Dodie, Bertie and Savannah really act well.

  • Coming out by TomSka [channel with  the same name]

I think this film is f*cking hilarious, I may watch it over and over again but I’ll still laugh out loud every single time. [Honestly watch every TomSka short film ’cause they’re so funny]

All these films are available on Youtube, hope you enjoy them.

Bob the builder

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