Shitty outfits

So I have been taking pictures of some outfits that I’ve enjoyed wearing.

You definitly needed this.

I don’t think I will be crediting the stuff I wear because this is supposed to be inspiration.

Not : Buy what I wear.

WP_20171129_17_19_30_Pro_LI WP_20170915_20_02_54_Pro_LIWP_20180217_14_40_55_Pro_LI



WP_20171224_22_52_36_Pro_LI  WP_20171230_18_19_56_Pro_LI




WP_20171203_17_01_07_Pro_LI  WP_20171030_12_14_14_Pro_LI










WP_20171101_15_22_34_Pro              WP_20180113_18_55_25_Pro_LIWP_20171101_15_22_18_Pro

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