Annihilation is fuckin’ weird. I watched it with some friends and we all agreed that we needed to watch an explanation video about the film.
I had watched a review a few weeks prior and one of the guys said he was drawn in from the beginning but near the end of the movie there’s a reveal that kind of drew him out. The other guy felt the opposite and personally I wouldn’t say I was “drawn in” since the beginning but I was curious. My wanting to know what was happening throughout the film grew and I would say I was satisfied and I get the film (sort of) but when Lena (Natalie Portman) and “the fake” Kane (Oscar Isaac) hug and do that weird shiny eye thing ; I was hella confused ! By the way, I still haven’t watched an explanation video. Anyways, enough about me, this film I find is really well shot and acted but don’t watch this with a young audience because there is a sex scene and a pretty violent scene as well soooo WARNING. The visuals and effects are also pretty amazing.
I find the story pretty interesting and entertaining, IT IS EERY THOUGH ! So yes, I apologize because this is all over the place, definitely go see that movie. It’s a nicely tense sci-fi film that I rather enjoyed !
Bobby’s shitty film reviews ep.1

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