Where the f*** did June go ?

As I’m writting this, I have my first set of exams tomorow, and I’m prettteyyyy stressed out ! My exams were always registered in my brain as “end of June” and now we’re here, and it feels weird.

June is my favorite month, not only because it’s my birthday month but also because June is wonderful, I mean it’s right at the beginning of summer; it doesn’t feel like we’re living in an oven yet but we do have those days. It’s the end of school, the teachers are pretty chilled (and so are the students, for that matter) and June’s are always fun.

But this year was different, and I hated that, I loath change, it was a stressful, tiring time; going to bed to late and stressing out about exams. That was my month of June, and f*** that was my hole year, it was a goddamn struggle, a shit show.

And don’t worry, it wasn’t bad, it was different but difficult and that’s O-KAY. But I’m really exited about next week, which is the start of July, because they’ll be no exams and no homework.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say with this post but yeah….those were some thoughts and to be honest I really wanted to put a blogpost out in June.

Signing off


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