On the women reboots

The women reboots come from a good sentiment but Hollywood’s attempt to include women in the spotlight by remaking films where the men are just replaced by the women, honestly, just seems a little insulting.
The fact that we get the old stuff to remake is just a little annoying, might as well put the money into new original projects, written by women, made by women instead of rehashing the old films where the main characters were men. It’s as if Hollywood thinks women can’t bring something new to the screen on their own, like the since the character would have previously been played by a man it would therefore be easier for women to play AS IF women can’t hold their own. And when I say this I’m thinking of Ghostbuster and Ocean’s 8 where the films weren’t bad, per say, but not great.
But a film like Ladybird which was arguably one of the best films of 2017 was directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Saoirse Ronan, two women very familiar with Hollywood, did really well, first off it was a greta film and it was put in the spotlight, especially with it being nominated for numerous Oscars.

Putting women-made films in the spotlight or giving women the budget is what Hollywood should be doing.

These reboots were always made for the wrong reasons because it always seems like the women in these films or the women involved in the film want to raise women to a superior state when the hole point of feminism is to bring women AND men to the same state, it’s called equality.
For both of these films, every time someone said it was a bad film, people would be called a “sexist” or an “anti-feminist”, first of all, no. Whatever happened to free speech, which by the way is why feminism still exists today, people are allowed to think a film isn’t good, it’s not an attack towards women, it’s an opinion about the overall product.
Think about it this way, no one’s thought of rebooting Mean Girls with an all male cast because right ? Because it would be a complete waste of time and money because the original film is already great on it’s own. Why then, is Hollywood rebooting beloved franchises with all female casts ?

This isn’t criticism towards women but towards the way Hollywood is trying to include women in movies.


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