THE blockbuster of my generation: Avengers : Engame

All I can describe Endgame as is ballsy, heart-wrenching and beautiful. Absolutely bloody glorious !
I am feeling really sad though, because I know this film marks the end of an era that was built up through the span of a decade, which I think is honestly amazing. Like I love Star Wars but Star Wars haven’t built up characters like Marvel has. And the Russo brothers packed in a damn load of characters, I mean I thought that Infinity War was big but this was bigger because the Russo brothers had the balls to go back in time, in old films which is both absolutely crazy but a lot of fun. Thor broke me, goodbye abs, goodbye dignity…. And who knew Captain America was bloody worthy ??? Not me. Black widow’s death destroyed me, my heart is in pieces and I’m struggling to stick them back together again. Infinity war was tough enough but this?!?!
And yes, I did cry, I cried at the part when all the fallen walk in through doctor strange’s portals. Like I just cried seeing Spider-Man, also Captain America’s sendoff was so amazingly beautiful…

This isn’t a review, per say, that will come by the way, but just me reflecting about this huge film, as it’s also surpassed Titanic at the box office and the weeks of it’s release everyone in my school wouldn’t shut up about it. It was quite funny actually, people threatening to spoil the film so others would stop annoying them.

I saw Avengers: Endgame two days after it’s official release, I had to see it immediately because as an avid user of Instagram and a follower of many Marvel accounts I was dodging spoilers like bullets and I just couldn’t wait to see it. It was quite frankly amazing, I got really emotional during this film, more than I want to admit because it was just incredible to see the conclusion to eleven years of Marvel films and seeing a world of characters, I love, be born, evolve, fight and assemble one last time.

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