Paris on film (damn, that's an original title)

I love Paris, who doesn’t ? and even if it is an expensive destination, my mum decided to treat us to a trip because she also wanted my younger brother, who has reached the wise age of six to experience the French capital.

Our trip first consisted of going on our annual holiday to sunny Normandy and then grab a bus to the capital. Easy, right ? Not so much, our bus was late, which is fine but being six on this trip revealed to be quite a challenge (six as in six people, not six years old). Having been a few years back, we were back then only four, my mum, my sister, my brother and I. This time there was still my mum, sister and brother and I, there was also my sister’s boyfriend and my, as mentioned before, six year old sibling. And god was it hard to manage, I can’t even imagine what my mum must’ve been feeling.

Regardless, we had a lot of fun, I took loads of fun pictures with my disposable camera and I’m actually really proud of the result. We walked down the Champs Elysee, as a good tourist should do. Walked around Montmartre as my mum loves that place. My youngest brother even went on the carousel at the bottom of the Montmartre steps , it was just like a dream, to see him ride a fake pink horse in circles with so much joy.

I wanted to go to the Pompidou Center as it’s one of my favorite museums, unfortunately it wasn’t possible which makes me greatly sad and ever so slightly annoyed. However we did visit the Musee de L’Orangerie where there were all of Monet’s best paintings, you know the curled ones with all the water lily’s. And arguably, that was quite lovely.

The metro is also an adventure in itself, isn’t it ? It just reminds me of the film Subway and I adore that feeling, I just love it when the train is empty and all you can hear is the piercing sound of the rails hitting the train tracks. In the darkness of the tunnels, smile exchanges with strangers are also my favorite thing and the occasional drunk, stumbling around is quite funny, albeit scary. Or the random musicians who just walk in and play, especially when it’s an old person. And the names of all the stations are quite something as well, they are so naff that they are kind of cool.

The beautiful belly of Paris.

All in all, go to Paris, if it’s not to visit museums, just walk around and you’ll get a taste, or a smell of “Paris” (that last word being said with French accent).

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